About Me

Why MusedByNude?

   Hello everyone, my name is Laymis and I am the owner of MusedByNude.

   I wanted to shed some light about women going an entire day without eating in order to look good in their outfit. This is something that I caught myself doing a lot and it was never a positive outcome. My body still gets bloated at times even if I go an entire day without eating, therefore, when I did that I would finally try on the outfit I wanted to wear all day and still catch myself not liking the way I looked. This was not something that was good for me mentally. Our brain is very powerful and most of the time we catch ourselves being really hard on each other when we should be doing the opposite. I want to not only change that mentality for myself, but help women change theirs as well through my brand. I want to empower women to know they are their own beautiful muse however they look.

   I added nude into the name because of my love for nude tones. I've seen they go exceptionally well with any skin color and I wanted to make my brand diverse and welcoming. Not to mention, all colors go well with nude tones and I didn't want to make dressing up stressful or hard. I wanted to make it simple and easy with the outcome of looking beautiful, and feeling comfortable. 


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